The purpose of this collection of uncomplicated but clever conditioning sessions is to help you maintain your level of cardiovascular fitness, while developing your barbell game. This program is designed to keep you from doing too much conditioning work at too high intensity, which inevitably will compromise your ability to make solid lifting gains. You should thus not expect your conditioning to improve running this program, but don’t be surprised if it does. More is not always better.


The sessions are meant to be easy to moderate in intensity in order to avoid building up lactate in the muscles, which will obstruct your ability to lift weights. If you are wearing a heart rate monitor, then stay below 80% of your max heart rate. We recommend that you refrain from doing more than 3 sessions from this program per week.


The program consists of 25 sessions of varying duration (30/45/60 minutes), each with both RX and scaled pacing/rep-schemes, so essentially there are 50 sessions in total to pick and choose from. If you have a tough lifting session programmed but want to add a conditioning session to your regimen that day, pick a shorter session and go for the scaled pacing. If you have lighter lifting on the roster on the day, you can pick a longer session, or go for the RX pacing in a shorter session. On your days off from weightlifting, feel free to pick a more challenging session, going for longer duration and faster pacing.


This structure necessitates some cognitive activity on your part. We have made all the content available, but you will have to use your brain and training experience to pick the right session for the day. This should be fairly simple if you keep the above guidelines in mind. Don’t be an ant – think!


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