Would you like to join a growing group of people who are training together to get in the shape of their lives?

We organize outdoor training and are building a group of high-quality people that are serious about learning and growing through training. The guiding principle in building this group is to prioritize quality over quantity - but based on attitude more than narrowly confined physical aptitude. The only requirement for getting started is a genuine desire to improve and a willingness to work hard.

The classes take place at changing locations in Copenhagen and consist of a thorough warm-up, meticulous technical instructions, tips on strategizing and pacing, a good workout and a constructive evaluation to finish off.

The first step is to apply for FOUNDATIONS - this is free of charge and comes with no strings attached. If the first session is a success, you’ll be able to book classes freely which, at this moment in time, is also 100% free of charge.

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