This is one of a number of specialized 6-week cycles designed to improve your gymnastics game and your plyometric capability. No equipment is required other than a pull-up bar for the pull-up specific cycles, and everything can be done outside.

All of these cycles can be run in combination, which is highly recommended, as this approach offers a chance to improve on a wider scale, but it’s also possible to do a single cycle if you wish to target a specific weakness.
These are all 6-week cycles with 2 sessions per week, and all sessions can and should be completed within 30-45 minutes, making the different cycles easy to combine. You can commit to up to 3 cycles simultaneously – e.g. a pull-up cycle, a hand-stand push-up cycle, and a plyometrics cycle, but this can in turn be combined with a Conditioning 101 program. You can either spread out the sessions throughout the week, or complete two or even three sessions from different cycles on the same day.
It is recommended that you keep the weekly sessions of the same cycle 48-72 hours apart in order to be fully recovered.


The prerequisite for this cycle is 3 unbroken pull-ups. If you are already able to do 10 unbroken pull-ups, we recommend ROAD TO +10 STRICT C2B CHIN-UPS instead.



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