Raw Strength & Power II is a 12-week cycle with the same objective as Raw Strength & Power I; to develop an all-around stronger and more powerful athlete. Rather than redoing the first cycle again and again and again, we put forward an alternative that is even more challenging than its predecessor, but without changing the ultimate goal.

The intensity increases throughout the 12 weeks. The first block has a duration of six weeks with the majority of the sessions being high in volume and medium in intensity. The second block lasts for five weeks with most sessions being medium in volume and high in intensity. In between the two blocks, there is a 1-week deload phase in which both the volume and the intensity will be fairly low.

Like Raw Strength & Power I, the bread and butter of this program is a mix of plyometrics and power versions of Olympic lifts, but with the former being more complex and the overall volume of the latter set higher.
The squat cycle follows the same pattern as Raw Strength & Power I, but is centered around the front squat instead of the back squat. In the same way, the focus will shift from the power jerk to the split jerk. Additionally, more time will be dedicated to the deadlift, and you should expect some challenging sessions.

Each week consists of five training sessions, and each session should be completed in less than two hours.



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