Raw Strength & Power is a 12-week cycle with the objective of developing an all-around stronger and more powerful athlete. Each week consists of five training sessions, and each session can and should be completed in less than two hours. If it takes more than that, it’s because you are talking and resting too much.


Furthermore, instead of doing the sessions back to back, it’s recommended that you take a rest day, or at least a non-weightlifting day, after Day 2 and 5, so that you can get the most out of every session.


The weightlifting part of this program is split into two blocks. The first block has a duration of six weeks with the majority of the sessions being high in volume and medium in intensity. The second block has a duration of five weeks with the majority of the sessions being medium in volume and high in intensity. In between the two blocks is a one-week deload phase where both the volume and intensity will be fairly low. All olympic lifts in the program are performed exclusively as power versions and are often paired with plyometric exercises to develop explosiveness.


The strength part consists of separate cycles in back squat, deadlift, strict press and bench press, with the back squat being the top priority among the four. The back squat is the number one exercise for building strength and power and will be featured before the other lifts in many of the training sessions contained in this program.


Besides the strength and weightlifting specific exercises, a substantial part of the program involves accessory work for improving grip, core and back strength. These three components are important pieces of the puzzle when building overall strength and should not be neglected.


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