The concept of ‘Powerbuilding’ is a term coined by the legendary powerlifter and strength coach Fred Hatfield, aka Dr. Squat, in the early nineties – as you may have gathered, the term is a hybrid of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Hatfield applied the concept in his own training as well as in the programming he did for both powerlifters, bodybuilders and strongmen alike, the fundamental logic being that you cannot fire a cannon from a canoe. In essence, this means that there is a symbiotic and synergetic relationship between size and strength, which you should be tapping into in order to accomplish your training goals, whether they be strength and power, looking like a beast, or both.


This program is the Weightlifting 101 manifestation of the above philosophy. Some people are simply too small, weak and fragile for weightlifting and CrossFit, which is the primary motivation for us developing this program. A big muscle is a strong muscle, which is why this program relies on hypertrophic principles and methods to a greater extent than our other programs. At the same time, we have incorporated the Weightlifting 101 20-rep deadlift cycle along with our tailored version of the Hatch squatting cycle. This means you will be deadlifting once a week and squatting twice. Both the squatting and deadlifting are programmed in 12-week cycles, whereas the upper body pulling and pressing are organised in our version of Fred Hatfield’s ABC system; ‘A’ representing lower intensity-, ‘B’ representing moderate intensity- and ‘C’ representing high intensity workouts.


The weekly structure is our version of a push/pull split for the first 4 sessions of every week. On ‘PUSH’ days, you will be squatting and pressing and on ‘PULL’ days you will be training your posterior chain and upper body pulling. The 5th weekly session focuses on strongman/odd-object movements and strength endurance – prepare to apply both your strength, your lungs and your grit to these sessions. Rest days are recommended after days 2 and 5.


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