This pure conditioning program was conceived in the wake of many countries’ governments’ rather radical measures to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, rendering gyms closed and people stripped of equipment. Mike Bjerregaard has put all his experience from the Danish Police Academy and CrossFit, into the construction of this cycle, and there is hardly a better time to consciously and deliberately work to improve your conditioning. No equipment is required, and everything can be done outside. There simply are no excuses.


Corona Conditioning can be run in combination with any of our other Corona cycles, which is highly recommended. This offers a chance to maintain some of your hard-earned strength and muscle mass as the Corona Circus unfolds, while advancing your cardiovascular capabilities.


This cycle consists of 18 sessions in total, programmed in a 6-week setup, amounting to three weekly sessions of varying intensity. Some sessions are 30-minute sessions, some are 45, and some are 60 minutes long. Prepare to challenge your lungs and test your grit, doing lots of burpee variations, running, skipping, push-ups, air squats etcetera.



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