Weightlifting 101 Weekend Seminar - SNAPSHOT!

Updated: Feb 9

The Weightlifting 101 Weekend Seminar consists of three sessions per day for two days straight with the first day being wholly dedicated to the snatch.

We began the first session of the first day by covering the lockout mechanics of the snatch in great detail, then did the same for the squatting mechanics, and finally we combined the two by doing overhead squats.

In the second session, we first covered the pulling mechanics with snatch pulls, then added lockout mechanics by switching to muscle snatches, and finally we added squatting mechanics to the equation by doing power-, deep power-, and squat snatches.

In the third session, we continued where we had left off and put the many hours of learning and technical practice to the test by doing a prober workout with lots of reps and increasing weight.

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