FOOTWORK in the Dumbbell Game - Width

Updated: Feb 14

An interesting aspect of the dumbbell game is that the size of the dumbbells changes as the weight increases - with important technical implications.

Let us take the exercise called 'hang power clean into push press' as an example (with the stipulation that you have to do the first part of the exercise with the dumbbells inside rather than outside the knees).

Firstly, your stance needs to be sufficiently wide to avoid the dumbbells colliding with the knees. This is not a problem for me personally, since I am not prevented by a lack of flexibility by going wide - and having a strong posterior chain, I actually prefer doing so.

But that's just me. Many people don't like to be in a wide stance - like Mikkel in the second video. If you prefer a more narrow stance, you just need to make sure that you are wide enough for the dumbbells to move freely, but no more than that.

Secondly, you need to accommodate for the regularly changing size of the dumbbells by having a flexible stance instead of being committed to something merely out of habit - while making sure that the stance is always playing into your strengths.

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