Devil's Power Clean *INTO* Push Press

Updated: Feb 14

I call this exercise “devil’s power clean into push press” - the keyword being “into” which means that you have to go directly from the devil’s power clean catch position into the push press. If the exercise name had been “devil’s power clean +/&/and push press”, you would be allowed to reset before the push press. Some people would accuse me of engaging in meaningless semantics, but I don’t think the accusation is justified. Precision in language and terminology is important in order to improve communication and to avoid misunderstandings in everyday life as well as in sports.

Furthermore, one of my guiding principles when it comes to developing the appropriate terminology of the dumbbell game is to keep it logical and concise, so that any intelligent person would understand a good chunk of it despite lacking knowledge of the particular topic.

With the pre-emptive defense of my preferred terminology out of the way, I want to stress that I really like the “into” version of this lift because it forces you to have the catch position dialed in, as you are supposed to go directly into the push press without making any positional changes. The depth of the catch position is particularly important: Too high and you’ll not be able to use your legs effectively in driving the dumbbells overhead - too low and you are straining the legs needlessly, making it much harder for the upper body to maintain posture and slowing down the cycle time of each rep.

This workout was not meant to be hard, but was designed to facilitate technical practice.

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