OP3, our 3 sessions per week program, is very similar to OP5, but the weekly volume is considerably lower. However, the average session is a little longer in OP3, although each session can and should be completed in less than two hours. If it takes you longer than that, it’s because you are talking and resting too much. The lower number of weekly sessions in OP3 allows you to fit in other things than just weightlifting, but also caters to people who only train three times per week, but wish to focus on their barbell game.


  • Thorough warm-ups consisting of barbell yoga, dead hangs, stretching, and movement drills.

  • Meticulous technical practice. 

  • Heavy lifting with a focus on the full snatch and clean & jerk or deviations thereof, based on percentages of your 1RMs. 

  • Building strength through back and front squats and different snatch and clean pull variations which also have important technical components to them. 

  • Barbell cycling, in order to train flow and conditioning. 

  • Plyometrics, because weightlifting is a sport of agility and explosiveness, and we want to develop that alongside everything else. 

  • Accessory work, heavily emphasizing core training and old-school bodybuilding work with dumbbells, dips, and pull-ups. 

OP3 will typically be three weeks on, followed by a week of de-loading, but instead of reducing both volume and intensity, the latter is kept high with the volume dropping. In this way, the fourth week becomes an opportunity to push your limits, but at the same time, due to the low overall volume, you won’t be burned out for the week to come.