The Weightlifting 101 Method has been under development for many years now and has become a solid and robust system through which the Olympic lifts can be taught to anyone with the desire to learn and a willingness to work hard in a disciplined and orderly environment. You can expect martial discipline to be enforced throughout all events to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching. This aspect, discipline, is at the heart of the Weightlifting 101 Method.

Every Weightlifting 101 coaching experience is different, both in terms of the attendee composition, but also in regard to the specific program for the days, which is under continuous scrutiny and development. We, as coaches, take something from every coaching event and try to adjust both coaching technique and programming based on these learnings. In this way we ensure continuous improvement and keep the content fresh and relevant for repeat-attendees.

Many attendees revisit our events regularly, for the following reasons:

  • To continue their trajectory towards technical mastery. Attendees experience being ‘put on a path’ to achieve their goals within the barbell game, and reattend to ensure they do not stray from this path. This can be very difficult to control on your own, and reattendance can prevent you from zig-zagging too much.

  • Attendees find it very rewarding to be a part of a large, hard-working group of likeminded athletes – both for the obvious social aspect, but very much because group-dynamics motivate many people to push harder than they would have on their own.

  • People are motivated by progression. The Weightlifting 101 System has a built-in proficiency hierarchy (BASICS - INTERMEDIATE - ELITE) representing a ladder for people to climb. The prospect of being approved for attendance at an INTERMEDIATE or even ELITE event drives many athletes to really take charge of furthering their barbell game by re-attending and committing to one of our many different online programs in between attending events.

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