We host dumbbell-exclusive outdoor training experiences at changing locations in Copenhagen, Denmark. The duration of a session will typically be 90 minutes, allowing for a thorough warm-up, meticulous technical instructions and corrections, tips on strategizing and pacing, followed by a savage workout, combining the use of dumbbells with various bodyweight exercises. Technique and quality of movement is never sacrificed for intensity. The only requirement for participation is a genuine willingness to improve and to put in the hard work necessary to do so.

Get to know the coach and let the coach get to know you before attending a regular class by requesting an assessment. It's free of charge and comes with no strings attached, but happens in real life in Copenhagen, not online.

90 min.


1-1 is recommended for those who prefer that the attention of the coach is entirely geared towards them, instead of taking part in a class and thereby being part of a group, or who needs a period of preparatory training before being able to attend classes. This was the case with many of the current class participants. One does not exclude the other, of course, and many combine 1-1 with class attendance.

90 min.


The Dumbbell 101 Class is an outdoor training experience at changing locations in Copenhagen. It starts with a thorough warm-up followed by meticulous technical instructions, tips on strategizing and pacing, then a savage workout, but where technique and quality of movement is never sacrificed for intensity, and ends with the coach sitting down with the participants to evaluate both the workout and their performance.

90 min.



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