Would you like to be part of a growing group of people who are working together to get in the shape of their lives? 


We organize outdoor classes at changing locations in Copenhagen of 60 to 90 min. duration, allowing for a thorough warm-up, meticulous technical instructions and corrections, tips on strategizing and pacing, a savage workout and a constructive evaluation to finish off. 


The first step is to apply for FOUNDATIONS

The first meeting is free of charge and comes with no strings attached - the only requirement for getting started is a genuine desire to improve and a willingness to work hard!


All newcomers are required to go through FOUNDATIONS before being able to attend class.

For some people, a single session will suffice while others might require anything from a handful of sessions to an extended period of one-to-one training with a coach whose attention is entirely geared towards that person.


BASICS members have passed FOUNDATIONS and are allowed to attend classes.


INTERMEDIATE members can run their own classes as well as coach new members from FOUNDATIONS in the one-to-one format.